IASHEP is offering people who live in other countries other than the United States membership into IASHEP for half price for three years after that period of time if you wish to stay a member, your fees will go to $100.00 per year.

Normal price of IASHEP membership is $100.00 U.S. Should you have three or more years of documented experience in the Safety,Health or Environmental Field and you pay $100.00 a year instead of our offer of $50.00 and you submit your resume that shows you have three or more years in the safety, health or environmental filed.

IASHEP will grant you the CERTIFIED SAFETY,HEALTH, & ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNICIAN (CSHET) for your $100.00. The Certified Safety, Health & Environmental Technical (CSHET) course is usually $895.00. if you took the course and then the test,

Join now and contact tometter@iashep.org or download the signup sheet off the IASHEP website and submit it to tometter@iashep.org.