Certified Behavior Based Safety Specialist(CBBS)

Certified Coastal Water Oil Spill Control Specialist - Tactical and Operations Level​​

Certified Collateral Duty Specialist Course for Other Federal Agencies

Certified Confined Space Entry Specialist (Permit Required) 

Certified Confined Space Entry Specialist (CCSES)​​

Certified Construction Industry Training Specialist ( IASHEP 005

Certified Electrical Hazardous Location Healthcare Specialist (CESS-Healthcare

Certified Electrical Hazardous Location Specialist – High Voltage

Certified Electrical Safety Specialist (CESS)-Low Voltage

Certified Ergonomics Healthcare Specialist (CEHS)

Certified Excavation, Trenching and Shoring Specialist(CETS)

Certified Fall Prevention Training Specialist (CFPTS)

Certified Fall Protection and Elevated (Telecommunication Tower) Structures Safety Manager (CFPSM)

Certified General Industry Specialist ( IASHEP 115)

Certified High Voltage Electrical Specialist (CHVES)

Certified Hospital & Healthcare Custodial Specialist (CHCS

Certified Hospital & Healthcare Laundry Manager (CHLM)

Certified Hotel, Resort & Casino Specialist (CHRCS)

Certified Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Safety Specialist (CH2ST)

Certified Laboratory Safety Specialist (CLSS)

Certified Laser Safety Course for Healthcare Workers (CLSHW)

Certified Machine Guarding Specialist (CMGS)​Certified Material Handling Specialist (CMHS)​

​Certified Occupational Industrial Hygiene Specialist Course

Certified Occupational Health & Safety Specialist (COHSS)

Certified OSHA Fall Protection Specialist Course

Certified Overhead Crane & Rigging Specialist (COCRS)

​Certified Personal Protective  Equipment Training Specialist

Certified Respirator Protection Specialist (CRPS)​

Certified Petroleum Environmental Health, Safety Specialist(CPEHSS)-Serviced & Drilling

​​Certified Petroleum Environmentsl Health, Safety Specialist(CPEHSS) oil & gas drilling Worker -Off Shore 1

​Certified Petroleum Safety, Health and Environmental Specialist (CPSHES) Refinery Systems

​Certified Process Safety Management Specialist 

Certified Qualified Electrical Worker Specialist (CQEWS) 

​​Certified Electrical Safety  TrainTheTrainer ​-70E

ALL Technician Level Courses Distant Learning/Independent Study $295.00

Certified Accident Investigation Technician Course (CAIT)

Certified Active Shooter Prevention Technician (CASPT)

Certified Back Injury & Muscle Prevention Technician Course (CBMPT)

Certified Bloodborne Pathogens & Needlestick Technician (BPNT) 

Certified General Industry Safety Technician - 10 Hour (CGIST)

Certified Aerial Lift / Work Platform Operator Technician

Certified Asbestos Craft Worker / Roofer Technician Course 

Certified Concrete and Masonry Technician ​

Certified Construction Safety Technician - 10 Hour (CCST) 

Certified Crane Rigging Technician (CCRT) 

Certified Dental Office - Infection Control Technician  

Certified DOT Hazardous Materials Transportation Technician 

Certified Combustible Dust Control Safety Technician Course

Certified  Electrical PPE Safety & NEC 70 E Requirements Technician Course 

Certified NFPA 70-E Awareness Technician Course

Certified Electrical Bonding & Grounding Technician Course 

Certified Electrical Hazard Control Technician

Certified Electrical Safety Awareness Technician (CESAT) Course ​

Certified Electrical Safety For Laboratories 

Certified Ergonomics Awareness Technician Course 

Certified Ethylene Oxide in a Healthcare Technician Course

Certified Excavations and Trenching Construction Safety Technician  (CETT) 

Certified Expert Witness Technician Course 

Certified Eye & Face Personal Protection Equipment Technician Course 

​​Certified Fall Prevention Technician Course

​Certified Fire Prevention Technician (CFPT) Course ​

Certified Flame Resistant Clothing Specialist (CFRCS)

Certified Forklift Operator Technician Course  

Certified General Industry Safety Technician - 10 Hour (CCST) Course 

​​Certified GHS for Managers, Supervisors and Safety Personnel Trainer Course 

​Certified Health Hazard Awareness Technician Course 

Certified Hand and Power Tools Technician Course 

Certified Hazardous Waste Technician Course 

​​Certified Hazwoper Technician (8-Hour) Course 

Certified Hazwoper First Responder Awareness Technician Training

Certified Hazwoper Technician (24 Hour) Course

Certified Hospital and Healthcare Custodial Technician Course 

Certified Healthcare Laundry Safety & Health Technician 

Certified HIPPA Health Technician Course 

Certified Ladder & Stepladder Safety Technician Course

Certified Lockout, Tagout & Tryout Safety Technician Course 

Certified Machine Guarding Technician Course 

Certified Mold Remediation Technician Course 


IASHEP believes that distance learning can increase access to educational courses for our members and students who are not located near an IASHEP offered classroom taught course. Distance learning can also increase opportunities for students across the globe, ensuring that students don't have to choose a school based solely on its location. In many ways, taking a IASHEP distant learning/independent study course is similar to a traditional face-to-face course.  You will still have an IASHEP instructor to work with you on your class assignments and also offer you education assistance if needed. All of the elements of a traditional course the syllabus, the course material, textbooks, lectures, discussions, tests and grades will be part of your distant learning course

If you are interested in taking a course by distant learning/independent study course.  Once you complete the course you must take a final exam to receive your certificate.

Upon completion of  the asssigned course, the employee should be able to function safely in areas of their work to which the topic is pertinent.

ALL Specialist Independent Study Courses Now $595.00

 ALLTrain The Trainer Courses Independent Study $895.00