IASHEP believes that distance learning can increase access to educational courses for our members and students who are not located near an IASHEP offered classroom taught course. Distance learning can also increase opportunities for students across the globe, ensuring that students don't have to choose a school based solely on its location. In many ways, taking a IASHEP distant learning/independent study course is similar to a traditional face-to-face course.  You will still have an IASHEP instructor to work with you on your class assignments and also offer you education assistance if needed. All of the elements of a traditional course the syllabus, the course material, textbooks, lectures, discussions, tests and grades will be part of your distant learning course

If you are interested in taking a course by distant learning/independent study course.  Once you complete the course you must take a final exam to receive your certificate.

Upon completion of  the asssigned course, the employee should be able to function safely in areas of their work to which the topic is pertinent.