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                                                            Bundle Your IASHEP Online Learning Experience

Time to take your technical skills to the next level and learn how to develop new skills and apply them immediately to your professional life and at the same time also achieve your professional credential in that field of study. 

How Does This work?

If you are a member or become a member of IASHEP for $100.00 per year, you can bundle your IASHEP online specific training course of 24 hours or longer duration from our online training courses and then you will be authorized to apply to take the IASHEP Professional Certifcation Technician or Certified Specialist test for that professional specialty.

To Acheive This Bundle Follow the Sequence Listed Below:

Membership Into IASHEP $100.00 annually.  If you have three or more years experience in the SH&E field, once you submit your resume to IASHEP, you will receive the Certified Safety, Health & Environmental Technician Credential for free This is a cost savings of over $495.00

Next, take the Online IASHEP course and pay the fees that are listed for that course.

Submit your course completion certificate from our online training course to IASHEP.

Pay for your professional examination which is $195.00 and pass with a 80% to receive your professional credential for that subject.


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We believe It's never too late for a new beginning, so even if you are looking for new career opportunities and you have the will to succeed then we encourage you to take your first step and let your journey toward professional improvement start today!