Certifications for the following individuals have expired or lapsed because they did not successfully complete some aspect of the IASHEP Annual Membership or IASHEP Certification Maintenance Point (CMP) requirement process.  The following is a list or reasons that a persons name may be placed on the IASHEP Decertification List, i.e, CMP worksheet submission, examinations, payment of annual membership fees or recertification fees, violation of IASHEP policies and procedures, or ethics. It is the International Association of Safety, Health & Environmental Professionals (IASHEP) and as stated in the IASHEP Membership & Recertification Handbook that the names of formerIASHEP Members or IASHEP Professional Credential Holders will be listed for three (3) years on the IASHEP web site.

January through May 2019

Charles Clark - (Hawaii)  

​​Michael Davis - (Indiana)  ​​

David Tilbury  - (Texas)  

Pamela Martin - (Nevada)  

Benjamin Spivey - (California)  

​Joey Bolden - (California)