​​​​​​​​​​​​2017 IASHEP Open Enrollment Classes


 2018 IASHEP Open Enrollment Training

​All classes are being held at:

 IASHEP Open Enrollment Learning Center

201 E. Southern, Tempe, AZ 85282
To Register: Please call 844-763-6545


612-801-1032 Monday-Saturday 8am- 8pm
All participants receive a Professional Credential

Certified Machine Guarding Specialist (CMGS)

February 19th thru February 23rd, 2018

May 7th thru May 11th, 2018

August 6th thru August 10th, 2018

November 5th thru November 9th, 2018

(8am to 5pm)

Cost: $895.00 per person

                                         Certified Trenching and Shoring “Train the Trainer” Specialist

January  8th thru January 12th, 2018

(8am to 5pm)

Cost $895.00 per person

   Certified HAZWOPER Training Specialist - Train the Trainer (CHTS-Trainer)

​February 5th  thru February 9th, 2018

(8am to 5pm)

Cost: $1295.00 per person

Certified Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Safety Specialist (CH2ST)​

 February 19th thru February 23rd, 2018

(8am to 5pm

​Cost: $795.00 per person

​Instructor John Podojil CEHSP, CSHET, CHCM, CHMM, CMGS, CRTS, ASA, CUSA, CPEA, CHS-III - Diplomat, CHTS

over 45 years in the industry