​​​​​​​​​2017 IASHEP Open Enrollment Classes


2017 & 2018 IASHEP Open Enrollment Training

​All classes are being held at:

 IASHEP Open Enrollment Learning Center

201 E. Southern, Tempe, AZ 85282
To Register: Please call 844-763-6545


612-801-1032 Monday-Saturday 8am- 8pm
All participants receive a Professional Credential

Certified Machine Guarding Specialist (CMGS)

December 11th thru December 15th, 2017

(8am to 5pm)

Cost: $895.00 per person

                                         Certified Trenching and Shoring “Train the Trainer” Specialist

January  8th thru January 12th, 2018

(8am to 5pm)

Cost $895.00 per person

   Certified HAZWOPER Training Specialist - Train the Trainer (CHTS-Trainer)

​February 5th  thru February 9th, 2018

(8am to 5pm)

Cost: $1295.00 per person

Certified Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Safety Specialist (CH2ST)​

 February 19th thru February 23rd, 2018

(8am to 5pm

​Cost: $795.00 per person

​Instructed  by John Podojil CEHSP, CSHET, CHCM, CHMM, CMGS, CRTS, ASA, CUSA, CPEA, CHS-III - Diplomat, CHTS

over 45 years in the industry