"A college or university degree, a professional credential or taking a test does not make you smart but having knowledge in the subjects where you are working and knowing where and how to find the answers makes you smart.  Some of the most intelligent people in the world did not have a degree, but they did have knowledge".

IASHEP believes that education of our professional members is the future to reducing or preventing accidents in the workplace and we honor all professional organizations for the work that they are doing in the safety, health and environmental field.  As such, IASHEP offers the following discounts for students attending our classes. You must ask for this discount when registering for the course and you must be a member of good standing in these professional associations. IASHEP offers the following discounts to our courses:

     IASHEP Members 10% (Classroom Only)

     Active Students of Columbia Southern University 10%

     Military & Veterans 10%

     Government, City, State & Municipalities 10%

     Union Organizations 10%

This applies to both classroom and Distant Learning but does not include the new diploma / certificate training programs.

"The classes were both very informative and she kept us engaged throughout the course. The course discussions were always on topic and she kept us on our toes by asking us questions...

Merla Pablo

"I was impressed with the ability and willingness of Podojil and Associatesto tailor their training to the needs of the Tohono O'odham Ki:KiAssociation.  The instructor/trainer Kristin Freeman..."
Bill Davis

"Thanks Jack the class was great and one of the best I have attended in a long time, I will be keeping in touch.I will take what I learned and put it to great use to make my team safe, so at the end of the day they go home..."
Michael E Wills

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IASHEP Course discounts