Certified Workplace Prevention Violence Technician (CWPVT)

Professional Credential: Certified Workplace Prevention Violence Technician CWPVT)

(Note): Refresher certification is required every three years to maintain professional credential.)

Program Objective

Although workplace violence is not a topic most of us want to dwell on, it is important to create a work environment that will lessen the chances of you being part of one of the horrible stories you've likely seen on the news. Workplace violence doesn't limit itself to the scenario of the lone shooter who walks into his workplace and opens fire. It can happen in the form of domestic abuse, terrorism, and physical confrontations. This course is intended for managers, supervisors, employees, late shift / night workers, hotel, resort and casino operations, fast food establishments, convenience stores and others type of service establishments who wish to better understand the complexities of preventing workplace violence as well as individuals and groups of people who are responsible for or who wish to establish workplace violence prevention initiatives at their work or agencies. Federal OSHA does not have a specific standard for this potential hazard but they can use the OSHA General Duty Clause 5 A-1 to enforce a safe and healthful work environment. Some States have enacted similar legislation include Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Nevada, North Carolina, Rhode Island, and Tennessee and others. Course Content Includes:

 Defining Violence in the Workplace

 The Law and Workplace Violence

 Identifying Threats

 Factors of Workplace Violence

 Workplace Violence Prevention Policy

 A Personal Perspective

A Safe Workplace

Reviewing Prevention Points

Violent Offender Profile

Warning Signs

When Violence Happens

 Responses to Avoid

 The Company's Response

At the completion of this program students will:

 Recognize and easily use basic vocabulary terms and definitions appropriate to a deeper understanding of preventing violence in the     workplace.

 Comprehend important general facts that will lead to a better understanding of the need for preventing violence in the workplace.

 Define and understand the four categories of workplace violence.

 Understand the basic steps to address the need for practice, guidance, planning, preparation, team building and dealing with disruptive situations.

 Understand the four crucial steps in the planning process to prevent workplace violence: analyzing, filling the gaps, writing policies for reporting incidents, and writing plans to

respond in the event of workplace violence.

Comprehend other practical ways to prevent violence in the workplace.

 Develop the ability to observe and better understand individuals prone to violence.

 Understand how psychopathic bullies affect the workplace and how to deal with them.

 Understand de-escalation techniques and methods in a hostile situation


This course will be valuable for:

 Safety, Health and Environmental Professionals,

Safety & Health Committee Members

 Government Inspectors

 General Industry and Construction Personnel

 Construction Managers & Supervisors

 Building Inspectors

 Training Managers Industrial Hygienists

 Environmental Professionals


Students completing the course must take a proctored final exam. A score of 80% on the final exam is necessary to receive your personalized certificate of completion. The student gets three (3) attempts to pass the course.