Certified Back Injury & Muscle Injury Specialist Course Train The Trainer

Program Objective:

Awareness of the importance of back safety in the workplace is on the rise, as repetitive motion and back injuries plague more than one million U.S. workers every year. Back injury is the cause of one in five workplace injuries or illnesses and onefourth of all compensation indemnity claims involve back injuries, costing employers billions. 

Preventing on-the-job back injuries and helping your workers keep their backs safe is a constant effort. Providing your employees with back safety and proper lifting training including enforcing and teaching safe lifting techniques, good body mechanics and other methods to avoid back stress and strain is an important step in the fight against back injury.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the Back Safety Specialist course, the student will be familiar with:

• The back and how it functions in simple terms

• Ergonomics

• Body mechanics, posture and habits that can lead to back injuries

• Incorporating warm up and stretching exercises into work and home habits

• Best practices that will help prevent back injuries


Students completing the course must take a proctored final exam. A score of 80% on the final exam is necessary to receive your personalized certificate of completion. The student gets three (3) attempts to pass the course.

The required amount of time to complete the course is dependent upon your knowledge of workplace safety, but we find that the average completion time is approximately 8 hours. You have up to 90 days to complete the course.