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                                   About our Board of Directors
IASHEP directors may serve up to two, three-year terms. Directors volunteer their time and serve without pay. They assist with evaluation of applicant qualifications, governance, liaison with other organizations, and many other important activities.

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                                         commitment to diversity

The International Association of Safety, Health and Environmental Professionals (IASHEP) is dedicated to providing our courses and certified credentials to everyone with a desire to learn. We highly value diversity in students, faculty, and staff and we are committed to non-discrimination. Program and scholarship decisions are not made on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, or disabling condition.

Peggy S. Podojil,
Founding Director

mission statement

The International Association of Safety, Health and Environmental Professionals (IASHEP) is dedicated to developing curriculum and instructing our students by teaching them the most up to date and technically advanced standards and information in the safety, health, and environmental field. It is our goal to be respected nationally for the quality of safety, health, and environmental professionals that we educate. Our signature programs and our offering of recognized professional credentials will have a national reputation for providing courses that will enable our students to develop effective safety, health and environmental risk management programs providing guidance to management and workers. Our ultimate goal is to help reduce the tragic loss of life and reduce accidents in the workplace.
Over forty years after OSHA was founded we have employees who do not understand the basics of safety. IASHEP was founded to provide the workforce with the knowledge to WORK SAFE. Every day the news has a story about a worker injured or killed on the job. We see work place safety as our responsibility. By offering courses to management, supervisors, and employees we strive to improve the safety of the work environment. From onsite instruction, safety, health and environmental audits, to creating courses that are current and relevant; IASHEP is committed to sharing knowledge. Knowledge is power and our students will be empowered. The IASHEP experience does not end at the conclusion of a course. Our instructors are available to support our students by email or phone and can provide resources to them. Our goal is that IASHEP’s students have the ability to research and utilize the classroom instruction and translate resources to the work place.
“The world’s future rests with technical education instructors educating the future craftspeople and professionals of tomorrow.”  Jack Podojil

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